How to install nginx on debian 11

NGINX is a free, open-source web server that is well-known for its high performance, stability, and low resource consumption. It can be used to serve static and dynamic content, reverse proxy, load balance, and cache HTTP requests. In this blog post, we will go through the step-by-step process of installing NGINX on Debian 11.

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Top 10 WordPress hosting provider award

We are happy to announce that we have passed all tests with great success and have been awarded with Top 10 WordPress hosting provider award by HostAdvice. This is our second award in a row. As in the previous year, we have been awarded with Great Uptime award. We are deeply grateful for the trust our customers show us. The awards are a special honor for the whole nonamehosts team. Thank you!


Welcome to more resources and cheaper pricing!

All the changes and news rolling out are exciting. There’s always a “but” though. Something that doesn’t change much or even changes for the worse – the pricing. Unless you’re eligible for a custom quote, you’re often stuck with pricing structures that by no means reflect the growth and scalability everyone’s boasting about.

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Stripe payments now available

We are happy to announce that Stripe is now available as a new payment gateway for an even more easier payments!  Stripe is a popular payment service provider for eCommerce stores worldwide, and is our payment processor of choice.